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ND3 has teamed up with AccessRULES to develop a new paradigm in vocational training, the Heights of Inspection combination course.  This unique course offering consists of 13 modules including rope access training and certification and the most wanted NDE method training and safety orientation to make the course graduate immediately employable in many industries.  Veteran's may qualify to use GI benefits to complete the course and all others may qualify for financing of the tuition.  Visit the Heights of Inspection page here to learn more about this exciting program.  Courses begin every 8 weeks and enrollment is limited.

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With over 30 years of experience in the Petrochemical industry, our main ASNT certified Level III can answer your pressing questions and deliver quality consulting deliverables in a timely manner.


Heights of Inspection Training Course

ND3 and AccessRULES are coming to the Lone Star State

In our area and throughout the region, our services are regarded as the best.  We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations every day.  Let us help you in the complex field of NDE training, auditing, or consulting

High quality training that is retained.  Every company wants it, we deliver.  Our own expectation is to deliver the best NDE education possible using techniques to aid retention and field use.  

We're your favorite training venue for Inspection and Rope Access, in your favorite city to visit but some of our Clients have been screaming for us to be in your second favorite city - Houston.

Well, just an update, we have opened our second office in Houston, Pasadena actually.  Come see us and let us influence your career.