Congratulations to the following Heights of Inspection Graduates who are now employed using their new skills:

Cole Clanahan

Doug Ping

Jonathan Arevalo

Daniel Batchelor

Your new career starts here.  Your new career starts now.  Well, in eight weeks anyway.  Climb to success in a worthwhile meaningful way by enrolling and completing the Heights of Inspection combined Inspection and Rope Access course.  We've partnered with our sister company, AccessRULES, to bring a compelling new course offering to those looking for a new career in industrial inspection and rope access a career going straight up.

The Heights of Inspection combined course allows the student to be immersed in 7 weeks of intensive NDE and Rope Access training that is designed to make you immediately employable in many industries utilizing your new skills of industrial inspection and rope access.  These are not minimum wage jobs but are high paying jobs with a future.  You may walk away with your new credentials and a job making up to $25.00 per hour or more*.

We will train you in fourteen aspects of working with nondestructive testing and rope access, the most widely used and immediately employable skills available.  Training consists of:

  1. Industrial Radiation Safety Training
  2. Level I and II Magnetic Particle Testing Training
  3. Level I and II Liquid Dye Penetrant Testing Training
  4. Level II Ultrasonic Thickness Testing Training
  5. Level I and II Visual Inspection Training
  6. Inspection Report Writing
  7. Rope Access Level 1 Training and Certification
  8. Rope Access Rigging
  9. Competent Person Inspection of Rope Access Equipment Training
  10. HUET Training
  11. First Aid/CPR Training
  12. Basic Offshore Safety Training
  13. Basic Onshore Safety Training
  14. Resume Writing for Successful Employment

While in your course, you will have the opportunity to interview with potential employers and interact with technicians currently performing similar jobs so that you know what to expect when you have the opportunity to start your exciting new career.

Our instructors are knowledgable in both NDE and Rope Access and have decades of experience in both.  Your education begins with personalized instruction and never ends as you will have access to your instructors after you complete the course and move on to your professional career.  Questions will invariably come up and our staff is here to answer them.  Career building support after instruction is one of the differences an education with ND3 and AccessRULES can make.  Many students contact us after training to clarify points or to introduce new techniques as they grow and mature in our industries.

You will be issued a Certificate of Completion for nearly all phases of the course so that you can provide your new employer with substantiated proof of your knowledge and skills.  You will also receive a transcript and Program Certificate of Completion that you will be proud of for years to come. Allow us to help you build a new career that is challenging and rewarding and may allow you to travel extensively or stay at home, a career that only grows and becomes more beneficial and secure.

Students may be able to attend with no out of pocket expenses using their GI Bill benefits** and those without GI Bill benefits may qualify for financing opportunities***.

Please contact us at (504) 366-0586 for more information or e-mail us here.

*  Starting rates of pay are examples of rates of pay available to some employees and are not guaranteed.  Rate of pay is negotiated between employee and employer at time of employment.

**  Use of GI Bill benefits for Veterans and dependents is determined by the Veteran's Administration and may not be guaranteed as course remittance.  Student is responsible for any tuition or fee not paid by the Veteran's Administration

***  Outside financing may be provided based upon credit worthiness.  Some people may require co-signatory on loan for acceptance.  ND3 may begin the loan application process with the student applicant.  Course may not be available to any student whose financing is not in place at time of enrollment.

Heights of Inspection Combined Course

Building Confidence Through Competence