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ND3's sister company, AccessRULES offers SPRAT and, soon, IRATA rope access training and certification.  There exists a strong synergy between inspection and light trades and rope access as these work methods can be accomplished less expensively and in less time then when using conventional access methods such as scaffolding. 

Industrial Rope Access techniques are relatively new, innovative ways to access a worksite that offer significant cost savings when compared to the use of conventional access methods such as scaffolding, spiders, cranes, etc.  The access technicians are the workers’ performing the task to be accomplished and as such, exposure to hazards is minimized.  Also, the use of Rope Access techniques removes additional hazards more often associated with the workplace such as congestion and tripping hazards.

There are three levels of certification in regards to Rope Access, Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.  ND3, through AccessRULES, offers certification packages designed for each level of competency.  After your rope access course is completed, an independent assessor will gauge your skills and may certify you to the appropriate level to a National or International Standard.

Using techniques and tools to abseil, descend, belay, and deviate ropes, you will understand how to keep yourself and others safe while working on the ropes.  Ensuring your safety, not only while in a learning environment but while on the job is our first priority; a job that we take very seriously.

Industrial Rope Access training is the foundation to working safely at height in industry and is uniquely suited to work such as NDE and light trades such as insulation removal/reinstatement, blasting, painting, and even welding.  With proper training and certification in rope access, you can take your trade, and your career, to new heights.

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Industrial Rope Access