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These techniques are primarily used to find surface breaking discontinuities and, in the case of MPI, some subsurface discontinuities.

Magnetic Particle Inspection of ferromagnetic materials relies heavily on the laws of magnetism possibly first introduced by Aristotle in the mid 300’s BC.  Using magnetic fields, small ferromagnetic particles are attracted to leakage fields (defects) and are visible at the accumulation site. 

When testing a non-ferromagnetic material, the use of visible or fluorescent dyed oils, which (through capillary action) work their way into surface breaking discontinuities, only to be blotted out of the indication by a powder is the basic premise of Liquid Dye Penetrant Inspection.

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Liquid Dye Penetrant 


Magnetic Particle 


Among the most widely utilized non-destructive testing techniques are Magnetic Particle (MPI) and Liquid Dye Penetrant (PT) Inspection.