Building Confidence Through Competence

Industrial radiography is a nondestructive testing technique using high-energy radiation to penetrate an object resulting in an image on a piece of radiographic film.  Before any worker can perform industrial radiography, every

Industrial Radiation Safety, Radiography, and

Film Interpretation

jurisdiction requires completion of a minimum of 40 hours of industrial radiation safety.  Radiation Safety prepares the worker for a career in industrial radiography so that he or she can protect all radiation workers and the general public from the effects of ionizing radiation.

Industrial radiography technicians use the precepts learned in their Radiation Safety course to work safely while using these invisible dangerous rays of energy. 

Industrial Radiography courses, either Level I or Level II, instruct the radiographer on how to produce radiographs of high quality using geometric principles of enlargement, image production, processing chemistry, and others.

Industrial radiography is, perhaps, one of the most versatile and widely used inspection techniques because it produces a fixed image that is easily understood and widely interpretable.

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