Building Confidence Through Competence

Consulting that you can depend on.  Ensuring that your procedure or process is grounded in real-world application and fully considers the requirements and limitations of Codes, Specifications, and Standards is what we do.  We have decades of experience in writing programs, NDE, Safety, Industrial Rope Access, and Quality, to ensure that your procedures aren't just used during an audit - these important documents are used by your employees to do your jobs right.  Contact your Consulting Experts and see what a difference experience makes.


From time to time, everyone needs to be pointed in the right direction.  At ND3, we perform 3rd party audits that are nonjudgmental and meant to be a learning experience for all involved.  Our audits are performed in a very non-confrontational manner allowing for a more complete picture of your operations.  Whether we're auditing a crew for radiation safety or a management process, we are thorough to your needs, to jurisdictional requirements or to Codes and Standard requirements.  We have also prepared a course on effective auditing so that your internal auditors build the skills to audit in the same fashion.




Solid dependable training has been the hallmark of ND3 since we began in 2006.  The quality of the work that is performed is dependent upon the quality of training that the inspector receives at crucial times throughout his or her career.  We believe that the way to train the sometimes complex topics involved in NDE is not to talk at students but to rather talk to them.  We can get even troubled students past these difficult hurdles using our unique training skills and methods.  We don't read slides but rather engage students so that the almost feel compelled to learn, to ask questions, to grow.  Our atmosphere is fun and no pressure which leads to success.  Contact us today to see how ND3 excels at training today's and tomorrow's NDE technician.