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Ultrasonic Thickness Testing Syllabus

I.     Introduction
      A.  Terms and Definitions
      B.  Applications
      C.  Math Review
II.     Basic Principles of Ultrasonic Testing
      A.  Nature of Sound Waves
      B.  Modes of Generation
      C.  Velocity, Frequency, and Wavelength
      D.  Reflection and Refraction
      E.  Acoustic Impedance
      F.  Attenuation
III.    Parts of the Sound Beam
      A.  Nearfield
      B.  Far Field
      C.  A-, B-, C-Scan Presentations
      D.  Other Presentations and Modes
IV.     Ultrasonic Equipment
      A.  Transducers
      B.  Cables
      C.  Couplant
      D.  Calibration Blocks
      E. Ultrasonic Thickness Units
      F.  Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors (Thickness Mode)
V.      Calibration
      A.  Thickness Envelope
      B.  CAL Velocity
      C.  CAL Zero
      D.  Ultrasonic Doubling
VI.     Operation of Units
      A.  Panametrics Units
      B.  GE Units
      C.  Other Units
VII.    Codes, Specifications and Standards

Ultrasonic Thickness, Level I and II

Course syllabus subject to change based upon specific requirements of Client and scheme of certification