Building Confidence Through Competence

I.      Introduction
      A.  Terms and Definitions
      B.  Applications
      C.  Basic Principles
      D.  Characteristics of Magnetic Fields
II.     Effects of Discontinuities on Magnetic Fields
      A.  Surface Cracks
      B.  Scratches
      C.  Subsurface Defects
III.     Magnetizing by Means of an Electric Current
      A.  Field around a Straight Conductor
      B.  The Right Hand Rule
      C.  Direct Magnetization
      D.  Indirect Magnetization
IV.    Longitudinal Magnetization
V.     Circular Magnetization
VI.    Selecting the Proper Magnetization Method
VII.   Magnetic Particles
VIII   Principle of Demagnetization
IX.    Testing Equipment
X.     Selection of Test Method
      A.  Advantages/Disadvantages of Methods
XI.     Inspection and Evaluation of Indications
      A.  General
      B.  Factors Affecting Indications
      C.  Indications from Porosity
      D.  Indications from Cracks
      E.  Indications from Specific Material Forms
XII.    Evaluation of Base Material Products
XIII.   Codes, Specifications and Standards
XIV.   Quality Control and Calibration​

Magnetic Particle Testing Syllabus

Magnetic Particle, Level I and II

Course syllabus subject to change based upon specific requirements of Client and scheme of certification