Building Confidence Through Competence

I.      Introduction
      A.  Review of Basic Radiographic Principles
      B.  Math Review
II.     Radiographic Viewing
      A.  Film Illumination Requirements
      B.  Background Lighting
      C.  Visual Acuity and Adaptation
      D.  Film Density Requirements
      E.  Film Artifacts
      F.  Identification
      G.  Image Quality Indicators
      H.  Location Markers
      I.   Types of Views
III.     Unsatisfactory Radiographs
      A.  Causes
      B.  Cures
IV.     Application Techniques
      A.  Multiple Film Techniques
      B.  Enlargement and Projection
      C.  Geometrical Relationship
      D.  Triangulation Methods for Defect Location
      E.  Localized Magnification
      F.  Film Handling Techniques
V.      Manufacturing Process and Associated Discontinuities
      A.  Castings
      B.  Rolled Products
      C.  Forged Products
      D.  Extruded Products
      E.  Welded Products
VI.     Reporting
VII.    Codes, Specifications and Standards

Film Interpretation

Radiographic Film Interpretation